idiots claiming a flying spaghetti monster

Published January 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

wow, this site has to be full of the biggest crackheads i have ever heard of.  Idiots claiming a flying spaghetti monster, and more idiots complaining about it,  goddamn.  let me lay things straight here
1. Spaghetti is a food, i’ll eat your false deity, so screw it, you all can go die
2. The concerned christians who post on this site are just as dumb.  who the fuck cares about this little site?  you’re only bringing attention to it by posting.  and for the record, fuck it i’ll eat you’re deity as well.  I hate every last one of you.  and i don’t care if i’m feuling your quest for a lower IQ, ffs, you’re all just a bunch of nerds who decided that it might be funny to listen to the crackhead named Bobby Henderson.
anyways, have fun losers, i’m gonna go to my girlfriends house now.  i’ll explain what a girlfriend is to you later.




ice fsm

Published January 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I found yet more evidence of  the FSM’s existence. I know there is plenty, but sadly the unbelievers keep refusing to see the truth.
So here is my contribution.
It was just over my head as I was shoveling snow a few days ago. I had to take a few photos. You can clearly see his noodly appendages in the ice. A remarkable sign from above!
After I took the pics, I immediately had a nice lunch of pasta, sauce and some lovely garlic toast.
Let’s hope the doubters don’t need any more convincing.
From a fellow Pastafarian,
Pedro Bedard
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada



What’s the deal

Published January 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

What’s the deal….  I mean, given, I drink a lot, but- DO SO MANY PEOPLE REALLY TAKE THIS THAT SERIOUSLY??? (and not in the way that might stand a possibility of raising their consciousness a bit…) I’m starting to think that the world is divided into those who get the joke, and those who are woefully oblivious. I get the point, and it IS brutal, but the number of folks getting bogged down in the details is starting to seriously lower my opinion of the collective IQ of humanity… a LOT. I resign my membership in the human race… at least until the monkeys posing as humans decide to grow up. Samuel Clemens would be appalled….(all the way to the bank)

“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man”  Dr Johnson

in disgust, Inky

You’re going to hell

Published January 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

You’re going to hell for degrading god to a pile of noodles. Have fun burning for an eternity. -Erik Vavro


about the pirate ship

Published January 25th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Hey, so rather than get an ordinary yacht to sail around the world
spreading the FSM faith, why not something a little more pirate-like.
I was in Bonaire with my family and this Junk was docked there and
seemed sufficiently pirate-like for you.



I like it.  Let’s brainstorm fundraising ideas.  Also, we’ll need to figure out how ship-time will be organized.  Ideas/Volunteers?


FSM candy

Published January 22nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Has anyone else seen this?


Haribo Sour S’ghetti Gummi Candy. The package clearly depicts the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Here’s what I’m wondering: Is the company using the FSM as sort of a celebrity spokesman for their product, or is it a subtle anti-pastafarian message? What I mean is, how many products do you see with an illustration of Jesus being impaled by a fork? I get it that spaghetti is sort of associated with forks, but this illustration is of a spaghetti monster, with eyes and everything. So what is the deal, Haribo?

Close-up of the impaling:


Blogger Charles Star at Stay Free Magazine had a different interpretation:

I think what I like most about this FSM illustration is the religious symbolism. While the religious right tries, a la Kramer, to stick a fork in His Noodliness for his heretical existence, he extends a middle finger at those who would undermine science in education.



fsm crashes Flock of Dodos screening

Published January 20th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I had to write you and tell you about the event we had here at my university (East Carolina University) last night. We had a screening of the new hit documentary “Flock of Dodos: The Intelligent Design / Evolution Circus” by Harvard-trained biologist-turned-filmmaker Randy Olson. Afterwards, there was a panel discussion that included Randy Olson, and faculty from biology, anthropology, geology(UNCW), and religios studies. Obviously, I felt that it was my duty to show up in full pirate regalia and hand out some propaganda.

It went really great! Our 750 seat theater was packed to the hilt. I met many fellow pastafarians, and think I converted quite a few more. When I asked an FSM based question of the panel, it was met with numerous rounds of applause and laughter. Afterwards some of the panelists, students, and faculty all went out for a beer. I countinued my evangelizing at the bar, and think I made a few more converts. I have to say that it was a great day for FSM!

I am attaching photos of my costume and me handing out brochures. Theres a photo with Randy Olson, our moderator Dr. Joe Luczkovich, and myself. Finally, I am including a photo of a random drunk girl molesting our noodly creator in a less than holy manner (I think he actually enjoyed it!)

The film was really great and hilarious. I definitely think pastafarians will enjoy it! The trailer can be viewed here: and you can see if there will be a screening near you. There will be screenings all over the country in the next month for Darwin Day. I would definitely reccomend everyone try and make it out to a screening, and don’t forget your pirate regalia!

Thanks Again,
Nick Jones

100_2988.jpg 100_2989.jpg 100_2993.jpg

100_2998.jpg 100_3006.jpg


mouse neurons, the expanding universe, and the fsm

Published January 19th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

The New York Times has published a graphic which compares the strangely-similar image of mouse neurons, only micrometers wide, to an image of our expanding universe, billions of light years across. There is an obvious noodle-and-meatballs-like pattern to each, suggesting underlying intelligent design, which comes as no surprise to Pastafarians.

Link to the NYTimes graphic.


fsm haikus

Published January 19th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I was bored at work today(the mortgage industry is slow) and wrote some haiku. I hope you like them.

Praise be unto You
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Creator of all

Stripper factories
And beer volcanoes await
In the afterlife


*UPDATE – 1/19/2007 * 

Here are some more Haikus, found in the comments section. Very nice.

Yes I have been touched
By His Noodley Appendage
It was a Good Touch

Flying Spaghetti
Monster is the way of Life
Praised be He! RAmen.

Midget, moutains, trees,
His Noodley Appendage
Has made all to be.

Pirates the Chosen
Dictating the global temp
Wear your Regalia

With His noodley
Appendage I have been touched
But not like that priest

To be a Pirate
and save the hole earth from DOOM

Our Noodly master
Created the seven seas
For use by pirates

All hail His noodles
His meatball’s flavor sacred
And his sauce divine

Priests Molest Children
But the Spaghetti Monster
Loves Us Properly

Noodles in the Sky
Pirate fantasies fulfilled
Now cool down, hot world!

The Pasta Monster
He grasps my with his noodles
Crap, I got scurvy


The creator who holds us dear
did not look as what we hear.
he was not a man, or human at all
he was made of spaghetti and two meat balls.
he made us all
originally short
and it wasn’t even his last resort
Pirates are his people,
holy are they
who end every sentence with “Arrgh” as they pray.
Some might not believe,
but it is a fact,
our God was pasta
no, this isn’t an act
So lets all give
a hip hip horray
the FSM is here to stay

Ah… yet another ‘fringe’ relgion

Published January 15th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson
Ah… yet another ‘fringe’ religion trying to go main stream. Yet I wonder if you realize that standardized religion was set in place to keep the general masses in line? You see there was no standardized religion in the beginning. It wasn’t until the general populace started to become unruly that anyone decided to slap religion upon them. That way the leaders of the church could easily control those who threatened to topple their empires by creating a set of rules. I find it funny that supposedly only the leaders of these churches commune with “God” or whatever you choose to call your ‘creator’.
To be frank, I find your religion to be quite humorous. I also have something to point out that has been pointed out before… Why is it that your ‘creator’ is a mass of wheat, meat and tomato sauce? What if spaghetti had never been invented? What would you choose to idolize as your ‘creator’ then? I find it sad that you have sucked in these poor, directionless people. I personally find it sad that anyone needs to look to religion to find some sort of meaning to their life. We fear that which we do not understand. It’s simple human nature. If you feel the need to have a god, or goddess, or flying spaghetti monster or whatever run your life for you… fine. I still pitty you.
As for the doctor pointing to the bacteria as “proof” that a flying spaghetti monster exists… Please, don’t feed these people false hope. What you depict is simply a bacterium. Those tendrils or ‘noodles’ as I’m sure you call them, are simply a means of propelling the microbe through fluid. Be that water, blood, whatever. Your ‘pirate’ weatherman? Simply a man who had eye surgery and must wear an eyepatch to protect it from becoming infected. Your swimming ‘FSM’ in Northern California? Kelp. More commonly known as seaweed, but in fact the two are different. And finally… your proof that ‘Pastafarianism’ (which might I add isn’t clever at all) began in Israel? Simply a work of modern art placed in an old temple.
The name ‘Pastafarianism’ is actually a clever play on ‘Rastafarianism’, which was started by a Jamaican man named Rastafari. I find it sad that so many people believe so devoutly in this well thought out and well played joke. To see that so many people fight for this just proves my theory that humans are impulsive, dim-witted creatures that try so desperately to explain that which they can find no plausible answer to by turning to religion.
In closing I must state that the ‘global warming issue’ isn’t an issue at all. In fact the world still hasn’t fully come out of it’s second ice age and the rising tempuratures we are seeing are a result of that. Once more an example of humans fearing that which they do not understand. We try to explain things that frighten us. It is simply human nature. Also I must ask why you think that pirates are a different species than humans? I believe you said something about humans sharing 95% of their DNA with primates (specifically chimps if I remember correctly) and over 99% with pirates. Please… how many of you are truly that ignorant?
A devout believer in letting things be [Kieran]

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