Happy Easter Everybody!

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Happy Easter Everybody!

Postby BumbleBee on Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:26 am


Hippety Hoppety Easter's on its way!
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Postby EarthRise on Thu Apr 05, 2007 9:52 am


Noooo bunny.
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Postby St John the Blasphemist on Thu Apr 05, 2007 12:37 pm

Bill Hicks wrote:I’ve been traveling a lot lately. I was over in Australia during Easter.

It was interesting to note they celebrate Easter the same way we do--commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus by telling our children a giant bunny rabbit left chocolate eggs in the night.

Now, I wonder why we’re fucked up as a race. You know, I’ve read the Bible. I can’t find the words ‘bunny’ or ‘chocolate’ anywhere in the fucking book. Where do you come up with this shit? Why those two things? Why not ‘Goldfish left Lincoln Logs in your sock drawer’?

As long as we’re making shit up, go hog wild. At least a goldfish with a Lincoln Log on its back crawling across your floor to your sock drawer has a miraculous connotation to it!

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Postby Meatball on Thu Apr 05, 2007 12:38 pm

LOL, mommy the doggy found the easter bunny :fsm:
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Postby MPTrooper on Thu Apr 05, 2007 12:50 pm

Happy Easter and God Bless. :)

Postby Jean Bart on Thu Apr 05, 2007 3:56 pm

Only real Pastafarians could wish each other "Happy Easter" on Maundy Thursday, the day of mourning for the firm believing Xians! :mrgreen:
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Postby PantyGnawer on Thu Apr 05, 2007 10:41 pm

St. Peter, the first pope, was indeed a bunny!

At least thats what South Park taught me.

Oh and that dog thing was messed up man!
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Postby Meatball on Sat Apr 07, 2007 12:57 pm

one day away... hipitis hopitis
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