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Recommended: ReasonTube

Postby pieces o'nine on Sun May 05, 2013 6:10 pm

What are your favorite "reason" channels on You Tube (or other), and why?

Aron Ra: Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism
He can intone more polysyllabic words per minute --even off the cuff -- than anyone else, and do so with conviction to build a formidable argument. His nickname is "the Texas Tank" and he does tend to roll right over people making poor arguments.
Also, he has way better hair than Edward Cullen. :haha:

Seth Andrews: The Thinking Atheist
Afterlife is one of his best, IMHO. The podcasts are a bit of a mixed bag due to being part commentary, part call-in shows. But his videos are thoughtful, well written, and have very high production values.

Truth Surge: Excavating the Empty Tomb is a substantive, well-researched, well-produced series. His music videos are quite nice, too, even the satirical covers. :fsm_rock:

Wildwood Claire: Her "Coffee with Claire" series features often painful clips from anti-science, anti-reason demagogues, and she doesn't sugar-coat her contempt. Her Geodyssey series is entertaining and informative on an academic subject that has not been 'popularized' for the general public.
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