FSM meatball acquisition

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FSM meatball acquisition

Postby Dan(da haole guy) on Fri May 18, 2007 12:44 am

the initial Meatballs evolved in perfect symbiosis w/ the Noodly Appendages and Sauce..however, all other meatball manifestations may, at times, be shrouded in mystery..(d'you REALLY wanna go back into da kitchen of your favorite spaghetti restaurant and snoop? i didn't think so..)..ANYWAY..in the mid-1960's a San Francisco cartoonist named Dan O'Neill developed a character in his comic "Odd Bodkins" called the.......Bat-Winged Hamburger Snatcher...fo' reals!! so, if you hear a fluttering of leathery wings just before your perfect Noodly dish arrives, please remember that Something Weird in the Sky Loves You..RAmen..
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