Tampa, Florida - the holiest Pastafarian city?

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Tampa, Florida - the holiest Pastafarian city?

Postby Rev. Brian on Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:53 am

My wife and I decided today that Tampa, Florida is possibly the holiest Pastafarian city in the world -- owing solely to the annual Gasparilla Pirate Invasion.

Each year the City of Tampa is invaded by many krewes of pirates. Though the mayor always intends not to give up the city he eventually relents and turns over the key to the invaders.

Reading the Wikipedia page the event seems pretty mundane, but attending it is a completely different story. The event is generally massive, attended by many thousands of drunk people, a large percentage of which are clearly Pastafarians (as they are dressed as pirates). The city wisely (?) allows beer sales throughout the event, thereby ensuring an appropriate level of revelry.

Though the city tries to stop it, there is quite a bit of bead throwing from the pirate floats which seems for some reason to induce many of the revelers of the female persuasion to display their orbs. Somehow displaying ones orbs seems to result in getting more beads. Here are Google's image results for Gasparilla pirates (possible some images could be NSFW but I didn't notice any).

There is usually a separate Children's Parade which would be more family friendly and then there's the night parade that usually is a bit more, um, not. I mean, we're not talking Key West Fantasy Fest or anything (though that's pretty awesome too), but the Gasparilla night parade wouldn't be a great place for young'uns.


Anyway, if there's ever an event with more pirates in one place at one time than Gasparilla, I don't know about it. And our pirates are the true Pastafarian type -- they just want to eat, drink, be merry, oh, and hand out beads (and probably even give candy to children during the Children's Parade).


We're certainly doing our part to combat global warming.

[Tampa's NFL football team is even called the Buccaneers. I'd guess they would have called them the Pirates, but the Pittsburgh baseball franchise already had that name.]
I can see the fnords.
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