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Trader Joes sign – praise or threat?

Published September 29th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Long spotted this sign at the Trader Joe’s in Santa Barbara, California. I was very happy to see it. It’s nice to see such a large corporation take notice of our religion.

I believe this sign is specific to only this one store (please let me know if you spot one in another location), but maybe this is just the beginning. Of course, if they are going to use the FSM as a spokesman in any national advertising campaigns, we’d probably suggest they make a donation.

I showed this ad to a friend, and he had a completely different response to it; he wondered if the “Grab Your Forks” comment was meant as a threat to our deity, who is “coincidentally” directly below those words. What do you think? Either way, I think that the Church will benefit from the publicity. Thank you, mystery Trader Joes sign-maker.

Note to Trader Joes corporate people: You’re welcome to use the FSM for your advertisements. Email me. Also, thank you for two-buck-chuck.

Click for a more-giant version of the picture.

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Baltimore Sun: His Noodliness reigns unchallenged in Hampden

Published September 28th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


The Baltimore Sun ran another article today about Jacob Corbin’s FSM billboard on the side of his Hampden house.

Jacob Corbin-Beal bought a Hampden rowhouse that happened to have a billboard on one side, and he wasn’t sure what to do with the thing. The seller had led him to believe it wasn’t quite kosher under city regs, unless he rented it back to the guy, who owns a repair shop and was offering a measly 40 bucks a month.

Then Corbin-Beal had an idea. An epiphany, really, inspired by the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

He bought yards and yards of sump pump hose, a couple of saucer sleds and some spray paint, then created what looks like a giant plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Two Wiffle ball eyes poke out from the pile. Below, in black and white, it says, “Believe Your Noodly Master, Hon.”

The article is pretty good, you can read it here.

Thanks to the Baltimore Sun for writing about this a second time, and Jacob for taking the time and effort to make such an impressive billboard.

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FSM Graffiti – please don’t

Published September 28th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Hey, this isn’t ok:


The Huntsville Forester published the above photo with an article titled “Police catch prolific graffiti vandals”.

“After nine complaints and 11 reported graffiti incidents from Aug. 13 to Aug. 22, five youths, who cannot be identified under the Youth and Criminal Justice Act, were found to be responsible for the damage,” stated Huntsville OPP constable Lynda Cranney.

Some of the buildings in town that were the subject of the graffiti, which often included the letters FSM, standing for flying spaghetti monster, were the Huntsville Place Mall, the Huntsville Curling Club, the Huntsville Forester, among others.

Note to vandals: It’s nice that you care so deeply about your faith, but this type of thing makes us look really bad. There are plenty of ways you can Spread the Word without damaging other people’s property. I would be happy to suggest socially acceptable activities, just contact me.

Note to Huntsville: I’m sorry!

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Preaching the good news of the FSM

Published September 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

This is pretty good. Nice work – I admire your motivation.

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Argentina billboard promotes Pastafarianism

Published September 26th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Thales spotted this giant billboard in the Cordoba, Argentina airport. Notice the Pirate Fish. Lindsay spotted a similar ad in an Argentine magazine several months ago – posted here.

I translated (poorly) the text of the ad as follows:

To Know – The Argentina Cultural Patrimony – To Take, Yes – To Take, No.

Lindsay interpreted the print ad as: The ad sponsored by the Argentine federal government is explaining what things can be taken out of the country, such as tattoos, and what things cannot, such as fossils. Its a cultural preservation type text.

The web address printed, (notice the government domain), seems to confirm this. The website appears to belong to a cultural preservation organization.

What is intriguing is that there is no mention of the Pirate Fish on the website. Why did they use our symbol for their advertisements promoting cultural preservation?

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence they used the image of the Pirate Fish – one of our most sacred symbols. But, I choose to interpret it as the first step towards official recognition of Pastafarianism by the Argentine government.

It makes sense; I’m told Argentina is a devoutly Catholic country. The government is smart to gradually introduce a replacement religion; too suddenly, and people would surely protest. The Pirate Fish ad could be explained away as a “mistake” or “coincidence” if trouble arises.

What’s next Argentina? I’m happy to help. I would be pleased to visit your country to help spread Pastafarianism awareness.

Click for a less-small version of this picture.

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giving back

Published September 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I was going through my books and I found a pile of textbooks from back when I was a physics student at Oregon State University. I decided to box them up and send them back as a donation. Addressed to the SPS room (sort of a study area for physics people), I sent a pile of books, FSM propaganda (car emblems, Holiday cards, the Gospel, etc..), along with this note:



Netherlands FSM procession

Published August 5th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I received this email from Mark Van den Borre. I think this is exactly what the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is about. I am pleased beyond words that our religion has spread all around the world. -bobby


Yesterday, a friend and I did a tiny procession in front of the Evangelische Omroep (EO), Hilversum, the Netherlands. They believe in creation of the earth in six days. They refuse to recognise evolution theory as an extremely high probability scientific theory. That reflects into them cutting and modifying scenes from BBC animal documentaries.

Our goal was to try and have the Flying Spaghetti Monster touch the EO people with Its Noodly Appendages, so that they too could enjoy the benefits of pastafarianism. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out yet.
Maybe It was just too busy doing other stuff.

We received quite some press attention. We made national radio in Holland, video coverage on the national news television website, two big newspapers in Belgium, _the_ most popular news blog in the Dutch speaking community, and more.

Video coverage: .
News blog:


Classroom preaching

Published June 9th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


With my attachment you can view Him in my 4th period class as i have advertised him by drawing him on the board. My teacher was very kind to it, and today when i came to class i realized someone had erased it so i re-drew Him. I am going to begin sending out flyers and have currently converted one serious member to His greatness.
please get back to me. RAmen. –Matt



Published June 6th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Spotted in Springfield, Missouri, by Eulalia.


Thanks to the MSU Pastafarians for doing this.


I was tricked by Jehovah’s Witnessess!

Published May 16th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I almost got shot. kinda.

A few days ago, as I was leaving my apartment, a car sped across the parking lot to intercept me. I had just about reached my car when I noticed the driver stopping directly behind my car, blocking me. The two passengers jumped out of the car and came straight at me.

I get a lot of hate-mail and I’ve had more than a few death threats. I keep my address a secret, but I’ve had people track me down in the past. So, when I saw a car speed up and two people jump out, it freaked me out.

One of them asked me if I valued the mind and body benefits of exercise. I said yes and that I needed to get going. They assured me that they’d move the car, but perhaps I wanted to take some reading material with me to look over when I had more time.

So I took their pamphlet. My only excuse is that I thought I was going to get stabbed or something, and I just wanted to get out of there. It wasn’t until later that I looked at the pamphlet. It slowly went from exercise to Jesus. It turned out to be disguised Jehovah’s Witness propaganda, the Watchtower. I figured that they tricked me fair and square, so I felt obligated to read it.


What I learned by this experience

The pamphlet, itself, was kind of Jesusy. But it gave me some fantastic ideas for expanding the Pastafarian congregation. Clearly, the way to get more members is to trick them; make them think they’re signing up for one thing and then – bam – all the sudden you hit them with the gospel-speak, and you’ve got them.

So, I’ve decided that we’re going to do a similar campaign to trick people into joining FSM, specifically, members of other religions, especially the religions who propagandize. I figure that we’ve already got the open-minded people, now we need the gullible ones.

Internet advertising – like magic, but nerdier

You can target advertisements to specific categories of websites. We’re going to be targeting competing religious websites. Any religion who hands out pamphlets is fair game. Lots of religious websites sell ad-space through 3rd parties, and we’ll be able to place OUR ads on their pages, and steal their members.

It’ll work like this: their members will go to the church websites as usual, and they’ll see a small ad suggesting that there is more to their religion. Some of them will click the ad and be brought to a specific catch page, where they’ll hear fantastic arguments on why they should convert.

I need your help with any of the following:

1) Specific strategies for each religion. For example, for Jehovah’s Witnesses, we could push that we, also, reject Orthodox Christianity. And the strategies don’t need to be that on-topic. The Jehovah’s Witnesses got me with an exercise pamphlet, we could just as easily have a pirate angle or something. We’ll have different strategies for the other religions – Mormons, Young Earth Christians, Scientologists, etc. Let’s brainstorm. Either post in the comments or send me an email at [email protected]

2) Nich text ads. We need short, catchy text ads that will appeal to each of the target religions. The content of these ads will be more clear once we’ve established our strategies for each religion.

3) Small Image Ads. People with art skills, get creative. Same deal with the text ads, we’re going to know more once we know what our angle is. We’ll need ads in the following dimensions:

4)Individual Catch Pages. Once they click the ad, they’ll be brought to a page on the FSM site which will expand on the idea presented in the ad and slowly make the argument that they should convert to Pastafarianism. I need help with this.

5) Money. I’ve put aside a few thousand for this. Ads cost between $0.25 and upwards of $5 per thousand views. I’m hoping for a budget of at least $5k. If you want to help, you can either donate, or buy some FSM merchandise.

So, that’s my idea. What do you think?

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