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  1. EXCELSIOR says:

    Hey Gang!
    Since we are a serious religion, we should act like one. The success of the Christian Church is not due to the power of God, it’s entirely due to them making a social club of the Church. They have all sorts of Holiday parties, weddings, baptisms, boy/girl scout troops, dances, etc. Singing hymns is just the tip of the ice-berg. they also do business in the Church. Why don’t we get a building and have these activities too? We can have all kinds of parties to cater to young and old.
    If we have some entrepreneurs we could start up chain stores to sell Pastafaria and meat balls. I’m sure we could outdo McDonalds or KFC. Not only would we make money, we would be selling our religion!
    As for hymns, I’m working on one now, it goes:
    Onward Pastafarians, out to have some fun!
    With our skull and cross bones, waving in the sun!
    The music was written by Sullivan who wrote the music for the Operetta “HMS Pinafore”, a made to order job!

  2. Fat Bastard says:

    Gilbert and Sullivan are such fun! I love the Pirates of Ben’s Pants.

  3. Saint Gnocchi says:

    Dear Nice Fat Person, all Round. This a.m. I really needed a great big belly laugh to start my day. Thank you S O much for “The pirates in Ben’s pants.” Absolutely love it. :) :) :)

    • Fat Bastard says:

      St. Gnocchi, credit all goes to Viz comic who gave the Pirates of Ben’s Pants a single episode. One can’t tell whether the pirates are tiny or Ben is a giant. Either way, they steered him like a ship plundering other ‘ships’. Needless to say, one transgressor was ‘keel-hauled’. If you search the Viz website archives you may locate it.

  4. Fat Bastard says:

    The Sauceror and St. Gnocchi, you seem likely to be amused by an English adult comic called Viz! Have a look at their website or ask at a newsagent.

  5. Rasputin says:

    Has anyone noticed that Nellie the Elephant supports Donald Trump? Go to YouTube, find the song and listen to the lyrics.

    • The Sauceror says:


      • The Sauceror says:

        So is the song about how Nellie the Elephant bumped the orange clown with little hands’ rump?

  6. Stinco Chagni says:

    After the spam-torpedo struck the cruise ship, there were only bits of splintered planks floating about the waves. There were only two survivors and they were sitting on a raft. They were the ship’s magician and his parrot. As the parrot surveyed the floating debris, he remarked to the magician, ‘Okay, I give up. Where did you put the ship?’.

    • The Sauceror says:

      I’ll never tell.

  7. Dan says:

    Dear Kind Sir,

    Thank-you for your well crafted letter. I must admit to be being at once fascinated, and for lack of a better word, enlightened with the truth contained within. That said, I feel compelled to point out with some skepticism your evidence on “Global Average Temperature” and pirate population. Although your argument is almost overwhelming statistically, and I can not fought it mathematically, I must point out that there is also an equal and perhaps more significant positive correlation between global temperatures and the increasing popularity of low carb dieting. Particularly in western societies where it is not only fashionable, but routine for people to avoid ingesting rice, bread and more importantly noodles. I don’t need to point out the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s inclination towards all things ‘noodle’ and I fear this may be angering our usually peaceful and benevolent creator causing a slow but systemic rise in global temperature. I don’t ask you to take this on faith though as this is easily demonstrated by piece of graphing paper, a number two pencil (and perhaps a beer or three). I pray my fears are unjustified, but more last trip to the local pizzeria have me more concerned than ever with the ever increasing salad options and light beers on display. Thank-you again for your time. Please accept these words as a humble servant of his Noodleness, and a brother believer.

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