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  1. Saint Gnocchi says:

    Will follow up on that Ytube cat. Thanks. AND the ceiling cat, thanks too. Will be offline another week or so, going to miss the talk, but LOTS of swotting to do and just have to knuckle down. Thanks for all the laughs. I thoroughly, thoroughly, enjoy your collective wit(s) Hope another real juicy discussion topic is unearthed – speaking of which, I wonder whatever happened to Reverend Harris?

    • Keith says:

      Good luck with your swotting. Remember to take the occasional beer break.

  2. Saint Gnocchi says:

    Ceiling Cat: Oh damn man that was FUNNY!

    • Rasputin says:

      Dear St. G., shut up and STUDY !!! (Sorry if I sound like a parent.)

      • The Sauceror says:

        Waaaat. Shut up and study. Shut up and study. Waaaaat. Sorry if I sound like a parrot. Waaaat. Pieces of eight. Waaaat.

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