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  1. lofsItetbatte says:

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  2. CARMEN D BAEZ says:

    I just finished reading the letter to the Kansas School Board regarding The Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster. I found this letter to be hilarious! I was laughing so hard my eyes teared up! I believe in God and I believe in evolution. I see the hand of God in evolution, in the beauty our planet, life and death. Don’t worry I am not trying to convert anyone, nor do I belong to any particular church or religion. I get the references this letter makes to the concept of “blind faith,” “the bible,” and “God.” I too have trouble accepting the bible as fact. Also, I have trouble accepting that there is only one path to salvation. I am curious tho, before he found the Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster was the author of this letter an Atheist?

    • Apprentice Frederic says:

      Carmen & FB, I think FB’s comment (& FB’s response would be valuable!) is at least measured approval of science as done by the priests he mentions – perhaps even including present-day Jesuits, at least. I submit that ordained Pastafarian ministers are no different, nor are Pastafarian laity, none of whom are “atheists”, even if they disagree with Pat Robertson. And Carmen: if you did laugh, that is good, If you laughed unto tears when reading the response of the “Christian” school board, better still: you are on the Path to the Vale of Vermicelli, and the FSM’s Noodly Appendage will rest on your shoulder as you make your tolerant way through life. R’Amen!

  3. Fat Bastard says:

    Carmen, you seem to be following the tradition from a hundred years ago, when scientists, often the village priest, perceived no conflict between science and religion, and were simply ‘revealing God’s work’.
    Are you assuming that Bobby is an atheist?
    Is the god of the Old Testament the same god in the New Testament?
    Before Christians ‘discovered’ their new God, were they atheists?

  4. Rasputin says:

    Dear Carmen, you and everyone are WELCOME to believe in the Abrahamic god. The FSM only asks:
    1) Don’t use belief in the Abrahamic god as an excuse for doing harm, and –
    2) Don’t allow belief in a deity to obstruct science.
    Beyond that, why can’t we all just get along?
    I believe in my absurdity, others are welcome to theirs.
    Live long and pasta.

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