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  1. your mom says:

    your mom

  2. Kearstin says:

    this is gold. Is it a sin to eat spaghetti? is there such thing as sin? who is the most influential pirate? (in your opinion)

  3. Jacob says:

    Did the FSM’s brother, the Walking Lasagna Experiment, think he could be as good as the Flying Spaghetti Monster? And then fall away, because he had been over cooked in the oven? Would this have made him become evil and create the place called the Burnt Tupperware Container? The place where you go if you do not believe?

    • SillyKiwiMan says:

      If you don’t believe, our deity is too laid-back to really care. If you breach the 8 “I’d really rather you didn’t”s, you get stale beer and diseased strippers.

  4. Rasputin says:

    What gets me about the Jewish / Christian / Muslim concept of God is that Yahweh / Jehova / Allah is a “jealous God”. He alone is allowed to be worshipped. He claims that if we worship Him throughout our lives and do what He says, we’ll go to heaven and spend eternity worshipping him there as well.
    Who does this God guy think he is? Clearly and definitely He is a narcissist and a control freak. Any human with this level of self-obsession and attention-seeking would be labelled mentally ill and a psychopath.
    All power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This God guy thinks He’s all-powerful. His power has gone to his head. On His instructions, wars have been fought and innocent people have been deliberately murdered and tortured to death. Yet in reality there is absolutely no scientific evidence that God has any power whatsoever. God belongs in a mental institution for the criminally insane.
    Our deity the FSM is superior and provides us with a choice. Either:
    1) Have a good time eating pasta and drinking beer during your lifetime and beyond, or-
    2) Don’t.
    There’s none of this attention-seeking paranoia about, “Worship me and do as I exactly what I say or I’ll kill you and make you spend eternity in a pit of fire” with the FSM.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      This divine jealousy is merely a ploy by the Yahweh priests to dissuade anyone from signing on to the competition. Any TRULY perfect god would have revealed himself AND gotten over himself.

  5. KATIEspaghettie luver says:

    I was looking for that scary story webpage for kids and got to this place. I would be so haapy if they would let us play pirate and learn about this man at school. WHOA If my moms knew I was writing they would either be so angry or so happy it depends on there moods. Hopefully I don’t get turned into grated parmesan if I’m wrong BOUT Schetti monster. If you were going to turn me into grated parmesan MR. Flying Spaghetti Monster please please don’t make it that Kraft green can doller store stuff that tastes like cheech’s puke cheech is my dog lol. I beg of you to turn me into the real stuff! kay back to my question. I see his beautiful curly spaghettie noodlies and his round meat balls hopefully ground turkey style much better for colesteraul, but what I need to know is where is his sauce? One more thing, I hate his eyes. I’ve never had spaghettie with eyes, the closest I have come was when i was 5 years old having Spaghettie O’s and it’s nothing like the real thing! My DAD SAYS SPAGHETTIE O’S VS SPAGHETTIE (ops sorry caps lck got stuck) is kind of like Christan beliefs vs. the Mormans belefs it just doesn’t have that same oommmmff. Why have one yucky flavor forever when you can have many flavors dancing on ur tonge at the same time? LOL MY Dad is goofy. if MR. Flying SPaghettie Monster had some very low eyelids kind of like my mommie number 1 when she smokes her green cigar tobako he wouldn’t be so scary. Mommie # 4 turns from scary to funnie too when her lids get low. Sometimes her eyes get very red though, i guess its a side affect she says. Don’t draw his eyes red thou too scarey! By by Mr Flying Spagetti Monster or amen lol.

  6. josh says:

    What drugs are you on? Where can I get some?

  7. Rasputin says:

    Dear Katie, Ha ha ha ha ha!

  8. FJL says:

    Proof of the spaghetti monster

    String theory + Quantum mechanics = the Flying Spaghetti monster
    The string is the spaghetti and the meatball is quantum mechanics , that is the meaning of his appearance .
    He can change the results of any experiment by manipulation of his noodly appendage (string theory) and if you try to look for him he isnt there (quantum mechanics)

    • Rasputin says:

      It’s definite proof of the FSM’s existence. We can’t find Him because of the laws of physics. Therefore He must exist. Makes perfect sense.

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