Struggle for Religious Expression in Illinois

Published July 25th, 2016 by Bobby Henderson


The struggle for Pastafarian acceptance continues, in Illinois. From the Chicago Tribue:

College student Rachel Hoover, of Arlington Heights, went to get her license renewed at the Illinois Secretary of State facility in Schaumburg. She told employees that she wanted to wear a metal colander on her head for the photo in honor of her religious beliefs. Employees balked, but Hoover insisted.

But when the central office discovered that employees had relented and allowed Hoover to be photographed with the strainer on her head, administrators drew the line, even though her face was clearly visible.

They told Hoover her license will be revoked July 29 unless she gets a new, strainer-free photo taken.

State officials are “just trying to use a little common sense,” secretary of state spokesman Dave Druker told Tribune freelance reporter Lee V. Gaines. “It almost looks like Pastafarians are a mockery of religion.”

During a time when people are doing reprehensible things in the Name of Religion, I wonder why officials are hassling us, out of all religious groups. Do these officials prevent people from wearing Yamulkes or Hijabs or Turbans — and if not, is it because they appear to have such earnest beliefs, and Pastafarians do not take themselves so seriously?

If Pastafarians had more scary dogmatic True-Believers, would we encounter less resistance to the privileges other religious groups are granted?

While I don’t agree with the Chicago Tribune’s stance that FSM is a “broad spoof”, I found the article well written and clever — it’s worth the read and can be found here.

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  1. PastaYooper says:

    Does anyone know if this was taken any further? I can’t find anything new or updated after the July articles. I also live in IL and am renewing my license in March. In looking at the IL gov websites, it seems like they allow religious head dressings but you must sign a declaration that includes, among other things, “he or she wears the head dressing at all times when in public, unless circumstances require the removal of the head dressing. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to, medical examinations or visits to a hair dresser or barber.” If you break this declaration, they can revoke your license and if you knowing lied about the declaration, are subject to felony perjury charges. Thought? Here’s the full IL photo requirements if you’re interested – ftp://www.ilga.gov/JCAR/AdminCode/092/092010300000900R.html

    • Patroller says:


    • Keith says:

      Sorry, PastaYooper. I live in Australia so my access to information would be far less than yours.

    • Rasputin says:

      Very good information, Yooper.

    • Fat Bastard says:

      I’m sure that lots of Jews only wear a skull-cap in synagogues and for official photographs but not the rest of the time.

      • Patroller says:

        Pog mo thoin. Que?

      • Rasputin says:

        Yeah. How many Jews wear a cap in the shower?

        • Fat Bastard says:

          Or, playing sports, or, businessmen not wanting to stand out at work, but, wear a cap in a synagogue.

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