Australian Driver’s License

Published February 16th, 2016 by Bobby Henderson

Good news — Sue from Melbourne was allowed a Colander in her Driver’s License photo, after a fight. Well done.

As always, we take this as implicit government acknowledgement of our legitimacy.


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  1. Saint Gnocchi says:

    Dear “JITOTgod, Hello Christian! Thank you for wandering this way. Would you kindly clear up for me once and for all what/who the “Holy Ghost” is? What is the function of the Holy Ghost in your religion? I’ve been told that Jesus,God, PLUS the Holy ghost, that those three, added together, make ONE! So: one, plus one, plus one = 1? It’s just, I am told that… er..that you have no way of proving the validity of your mathematical conclusion? Talking about figures…OUR Holy mystery/problem is that we don’t know exactly how many Holy Noodly Appendages our dear Lord God Flying Spaghetti Monster has. But we do know that he has more than three! And his balls are bigger.

  2. EXCELSIOR says:

    Dear Saint G.
    I went to a parochial school when I was a child and had to recite the “Hail Mary” several times a day. It ended up “–the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.” I asked many people but no one could ever explain the “Holy Ghost” to me. Moreover, I never could understand why the Christians wanted to worship 2 Jewish Gods and a ghost. Jesus was a Jew. The God they worship called himself “The God of Abraham” and he was the God of the Jews for thousands of years before the Christians comandeered him to be the Christian God. God called the Jews his”chosen people”. The Christian’s God is their “chosen God”!
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    Imagine, on one hand we have one religion with 3 Gods, on the other hand we have 3 religions with the same God!
    I am not making fun of anybody. I’m just pointing out that some people are making fools of themselves!

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