Please do not delude yourself

Published November 11th, 2015 by Bobby Henderson

Been a while since I posted one of these, but this one irked me.

Please do not delude yourself that people of real faith are not interested themselves in where you and the other FSM assholes live, and where your loved ones attend school, or work etcetera….

I am not making any threats of any kind, as I am a non-violent Christian.

However, all of the people with my beliefs are not so willing to tolerate your silliness.

My advice is to shut down this pathetic folly, before people far less tolerant of your mockery of their spirituality take an active interest in your membership on a very personal level…

Kevin B

Not sure if that’s a threat or general douchery. It’s weird that people can send such vile messages and assume (hope?) that we won’t publish their identities. I don’t have much interest in publicly shaming, but it’s tempting. You get a C for effort, Kevin. Next time leave an anonymous note or something on my car.

But I think we should give this guy the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s having a rough day, not not-so-subtly threatening us. I think Kevin needs the FSM in his life.

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  1. Gnocchi Saint Pudding says:

    Dear Fat B, Haha! Maybe the weed they grow there is “Sani Pass-Out.”.

  2. Gnocchi Saint Pudding says:

    Dear Fat B. Remember I told you that I’ve always been a non-smoker? Maybe I should find someone to give me a crash course so I can smoke some calming Durban Poison before I go up Sani Pass. Only 4×4’s allowed up the Sani and dangerous road. I do sincerely hope we get snowed in and have to sit it out at the Pub for approximately 2 or 3 days. :). Holy FSM! I’m so keen to go! I’ve arranged for a standin bird-watch buddy to monitor “my” breeding pair of Bush Blackcap Bullbulls, (Lioptilus nigracappilus) (Fam. Pycnonotus) I’m going to view You Tube’s Sani Pass. Trip postponed to 3 or 4 days hence now – weather, road condition considerations. But yup, ole scaredy-pants me has said yes. GOING! Aaaarrrrggghh.

  3. pasta farian says:

    i cant believe that these people actually give a damn about us i mean its not like we did anything to them oh and i bet that fat b is a pretty violent christian to be sending a mail like this, such an idiot

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