Kiva Team FSM has reached $2 Million in Loans

Published March 24th, 2014 by Bobby Henderson


Team FSM has reached $2 Million in loans on the micro-lending site Kiva. We’re now the top-lending religious congregation on Kiva, above the Buddhists, Catholics, Muslims, and — especially pleasing to me – above the Mormons, who we’ve been in a friendly competition with for years. Congratulations everyone!

suck it, mormons

What is Kiva? Kiva is a platform where you can make small loans to people in poor areas that need help starting small business. We make small, interest-free loans towards the projects we support, and Kiva combines them to fund the loan to the person who wants to build a small workshop, farm, restaurant, fruit stand, etc. These are interest-fee loans in places like Cambodia, Peru, Uganda — places where traditional bank lending to the poor is unavailable (or predatory). Kiva ensures that the loans are paid out and that the money is paid back. A lot of us feel this is the best way of bringing economic growth to the poorest areas.

I’ve had a good experience with Kiva and I encourage anyone interested to check it out. And please join our amazing team and help us continue to trounce the mainstream religion teams.

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  3. Saint Gnocchi says:

    Dear Wagner James, This is to inform you that we know you are a frauding, lying, filthy, rotten, stinking, disgusting LOAN FRAUD HOAXSTER. Our borched mesoms know your GPS coordinates and your chances of seeing tomorrow are zilch.

    • Rasputin says:

      Dear Wa**er James, I would like to inform the general public that you are a criminal fraudster. Plus everything St. G says is true as well.

  4. Jelena Klusa says:

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    • Saint Gnocchi says:

      Dear Jalena Klusa, I think your addled brain is not the only one here with clubfoot of the mouth.

  5. Sayed Madad Ali Shah says:

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    • The Sauceror says:

      Perhaps your Fresh Business needs some assistance in speaking basic English.

      • Rasputin says:

        Dear Sayed, please change your name to something more Pastafarian, such as “Blackbeard Morgan Hook”. Then contact some of the lenders who visit this site.

        • Captain Hook says:

          Need more pirates in this world.

  6. mikel says:

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    • Captain Hook says:

      But I want 3.8%

      • Rasputin says:

        Dear Cap’n, ha ha ha! This site is brilliant at making me laugh.

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    • Keith says:

      If you are offering an urgent loan or xmas, I’d take xmas over the loan on the understanding that your offer is not simply due to sloppy sentence construction.

      • The Sauceror says:

        I prefer FSM-mas, but I don’t see how the gender of my borched mesom is relevant.

        • Rasputin says:

          Spending Xmas a loan is sad.

  8. Keith says:

    I think your husband is not the only one with cancer of the brain.

  9. Rasputin says:

    Don’t write cr*p like this. Nobody’s interested. Your twaddle is much too long, it’s not funny and it fails to mention the FSM. My advice: Keep it short, keep it funny and praise His Noodliness or shut the **** up.

  10. Keith says:

    That’s a good point about mentioning the FSM. This is a website devoted to his/her/its Noodliness and there seem to be few posts (mine included, I am sorry to say) that give due praise to the FSM.

  11. Captain Hook says:


  12. pastamon says:

    y r they allowed on yeeeee website

  13. The Sauceror says:

    Dear pastamon, it is tempting to ban these freaks from our show, but I have to confess that they create a great foil for my own occasional miss-spellings and grammatical errors.

  14. Captain Hook says:

    We can’t kick these people out. If we kick them out we can’t talk s**t.

  15. The Sauceror says:

    Fork these FSM-damn “404 errors”! Where is the FSM-damn prophet when you need him? Is anyone else experiencing these frustrations, or is it only a sauceror curse?

  16. The Sauceror says:

    Dear Keith, your comment was genius when placed in the right context at the right place (it made me laugh). However, a Pastafarian might have replaced the word “cancer” with the word “constipation”, or another humorous Pastafarian phrase, which would have made everyone laugh. I recognize that, from your unique sense of humor, this was not intended to be offensive at all. Please, don’t take this as a criticism, but merely as an observation.
    Your friend, and mine, The Sauceror.

  17. Apprentice Frederic says:

    Keith, I think your comment applies to Mrs. (?) Ann as well…,

  18. Rasputin says:

    Dear Keith, I didn’t actually speak with the borched mesom. The discussion was more of a one-sided rant. Think of William Shatner’s rendition of “Common People” (find it on YouTube) but with high-pitched shrieking, belching and frightening growls.

  19. Keith says:

    I really have no idea where the post to which I responded is, so I can’t comment on what I wrote.

  20. Rasputin says:

    Kelvin, I’ve already told you: Make a porno movie of yourself getting fauxed by bill. Then post it on a web site where we can see it. Otherwise faux off.

  21. The Sauceror says:

    Some kelvins just don’t get the message. Maybe his brain is set at 0 degrees kelvin. That’s ok, my borched mesom likes an occasional cold snack.

  22. Dr Mark says:


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  23. Captain Hook says:

    We can’t kick these people out. If we kick them out we can’t talk s**t.

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