Where is the evidence?

Published April 7th, 2013 by Bobby Henderson

Here’s a video that has been making the rounds.   Richard Dawkins shows great patience in interviewing Creationist Wendy Wright.  I find it painful to watch but also fascinating.

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  2. Jim says:

    Absolutely brutal…
    Did not make it past 15min in.

    I guess she wants to see a 1/3rd fish, 1/3rd mammal, 1/3rd bird fossil to prove an in-between species…
    It’s sad, it’s frustrating, dangerous, and so much more.


    • Sister Fra Diavolo says:

      That silly twit wouldn’t believe in evolution, even if one could lay out every fossil of every single creature that has existed since the dawn of time, in order of progression! She clearly has no intention of ever listening to anything that contradicts her “creationist” theory, yet accuses the scientific community of being “closed-minded”? I wonder if she’s involved with that bullshit “Creationist Museum” out in Santee…

      • me says:

        Of course there are many evolutionary dead-ends, but they serve to bolster one of the evolutionary forces: survival of the fittest, not to repudiate it just because every lead can’t be followed to the present. (If that were true, all those TV detective stories would be a bore.) What many of the religion-based critics seem to imply is that every piece of the puzzle must be identified and placed in its proper place immediately, and if it is later found to actually fit in another spot, the entire model is now tainted. I’d like to see them complete a billion-piece jigsaw puzzle with no indication of what the puzzle represents.

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  5. Trevor says:

    I couldn’t get through the video, the level of projection, denial, passive aggression and victim playing was just too much and the falsehoods about religion being the only thing giving humanity the capasity for love when in reality, as social creatures, we are all fundamentally capable of love, regardless of religious belief or the lack there of.

    • me says:

      Here’s the problem: if dogs love, then they have a soul. But how can we prove that only humans have an “eternal” soul? I’d agree that only humans ponder their own creation and demise, and it gets us in a lot of trouble. Chemical and electric stimulants can make temporary or permanent changes to one’s behavior or cause hallucinations that are indistinguishable from fact for the subject. They can also cause coma and brain death without killing the body. Has the soul left, or is it just on vacation?

      • Captain Birdseye says:

        What’s an ‘eternal soul’, Me?

      • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        I don’t believe it’s only humans who “ponder their own creation and demise”. Elephants, for example, seem to hold a death ritual for members of their herd who pass away.

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