He has Risen

Published March 31st, 2013 by Bobby Henderson


My friend Gooeld spotted this egg with an uncanny likeness to the FSM. 

Because it is Easter, I want to share a link to a debate on “Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?” between Michael Horner and Dan Barker.   Horner is Christian scholar and Barker is a reformed Christian preacher and now an atheist activist.  It is an engaging debate and I suspect no matter your beliefs you’ll find reading this time well spent.

Here’s the link:  Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?

67 Responses to “He has Risen”

  1. Suziekue says:

    I so wanted to believe in the FSM until I saw the FSM was of the male gender. How ironic that when a new Deity is spontaneously created in the firmament, it just has to be a bloke, like most all the other religions. Pffft.

    • google police says:

      Wow, Suziekue–that took balls!

    • SillyKiwiMan says:

      His Holy Noodliness is genderless. We use “he” for convenience. Besides, given that our doctrine is based on UNintelligent design, can’t you blame the fact that only a male could be so stupid as to accidentally create a universe? Particularly one with such simultaneous beauty and horror?

  2. stan phal says:

    Great site!!

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