E. Coli resembles the FSM — coincidence?

Published October 3rd, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


The attached photo is of a small, hand-held, plush creature meant to represent the bacterium E. Coli. I obtained this little guy at a science fair in Corvallis Oregon. I believe the creature looks a lot like Him and I think that the fact that it was obtained at a science fair is no small coincidence…

Dr. Audrey

47 Responses to “E. Coli resembles the FSM — coincidence?”

  1. Douglas Goodall says:

    No one actually knows exactly what the LORD our GOD looks like. Over time he has been represented as a lion with a face, or sometimes a burning bush. The question that matters isn’t really what he looks like, but rather the fact that he sent his son to die on the cross in order to provide a path to our salvation. There is a matter of us being created in HIS image. No where in the bible does it actually say that Adam and Eve were bipeds and looked anything like humans do today, just that Adam had a rib. It is very possible that we were created looking a lot like a handful of pasta (with a rib) and that we did evolve into bipeds.

    I doubt that you actually believe in the FSM, but rather do not accept the tenets of Christianity or are actually just don’t believe in GOD, but rather than facing the possible outcome of denying the Christ have decided to profess a humorous belief in the FSM. Some who aren’t sure of what to believe have chosen the Ceiling Cat instead.

    Characterizing my LORD as a “neurotic, insecure sadist in a dressing gown…” is un-called for. In fact your entire posting consist of name calling and is nether funny or likely to promote further philosophical thought.

    • Keith says:

      Fine: give me your SINGLE BEST PROOF that your god exists.

      • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

        Part B: If you can become the first person in HISTORY to prove the existence of god, here comes the hard part: Prove that Christianity is anywhere near what he/she/it wants us to believe in.

    • Atsap Revol says:

      Dear Doug: We regret that you find our postings are nether (sic) funny or likely to promote philosophical thought. Your post reeks of tongue-in-cheek criticism of our beloved FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER. Our LORD, of course, doesn’t have ribs, so your entire conjecture fails as a possible description of GOD. Clearly, the first man created by our DEAR LORD was a biped, though one of short stature.

      You must more carefully capitalize the pronouns for your deity. It’s not acceptable to write that he (lower case) sent his (lower case) son to die on the cross…etc. Probably “Son” also should be capitalized. If you are a Christian you are better than average at spelling and punctuation. Just try to be more humorous, even though good rants are always welcome here.

      Atsap Revol, Pastafarian Parliamentarian

    • SillyKiwiMan says:


      Feel free to blow it out your arse. Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

    • KCDoodle says:

      I have sighted FSM!


      The Hag Fish brain scan image looks suspiciously like FSM.

      I believe this is just one more clue left for the true followers.

      All hail the FSM!

      • Anissa says:

        Crap it does!

    • devils right hand man says:

      Your obviously someone who grew up christian I did to. My dad was the organist at the church and fucked every nasty bitch in that church except his wife. He also had numerous sex offender friends. He dropped me and my brother weekly at there houses. That’s the only dick I ever sucked. I hope your still reading dumb ass hole. So the point is all these people are going to what u ass clowns consider to be heaven. My extreamly christian dad told me years ago I didn’t have to suck that guys dick. That was the last word he ever spoke to me. I will not subject myself to morons and if thats who your moronic god let’s in heaven I will be fucking elated to burn in hell. So in closing all of the people I mentioned are still on their way to heaven. Well u can go with them and you can suck dick and get fucked in your ass hole for eternity. Also your religion has been the root of nearly every war ever fought. Your fuckin dumb

      • Captain Birdseye says:

        A well earned title DRHM: they believe they go to Heaven because they believe they sent you to Hell. Seems sort of parasitical to me.

  2. bowling pins craft projects says:

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  3. Evan Bergo says:

    hello I think that the resemblance is only a coincidence because the fsm would never do anything evil like infect people with illnesses. Praise the pasta!

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