FSM and Raptor Jesus

Published June 30th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


Check out this portrait of the FSM and Raptor Jesus.  I notice RJ is giving the shocker. 

Artist Firell created this piece — more can be found at her site here.

Note — We believe Firell’s work is based on this original piece by Adam C. LaMonica:

You can see more work on his DeviantArt page here.

31 Responses to “FSM and Raptor Jesus”

  1. Epilare says:

    I see meaballs and spaghetti.Religion makes me hungry!

  2. Yeah, what he said! says:

    “POTWORA Mcdonald’s”. Boy do i love mcdonalds. Wish I could speak polish.

  3. Auto says:

    polish smolish. who needs foreign languages when they have mcdonalds?

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