Ancient Swedish Pirate

Published April 13th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson




I was stunned by the Sightings page on the church website, and something told me I’d be able to witness FSM right away.

I reached to my bookshelf and immediately had two sightings.
Picture 1 is handcrafted postcards I recently bought in a local department store.

Picture 2 is a souvenir a friend of mine brought from Sweden. I originally thought it depicted a viking, but now I have no doubt this is an ancient Swedish pirate, blessed by a beard in His image and His likeness.

Ilya / Riga, Latvia 

7 Responses to “Ancient Swedish Pirate”

  1. joe says:


    just thought you should know
    his noodliness is always there


  2. fn says:

    Terry Gilliam’s daughter is releasing his stuff online. Does this look spaghetti-like?


  3. Gandalf the Grey says:

    Is this actually a religion? His noodliness will always be there? Do people actually believe in this, or are they screwing around, because this, this is some bull crap.

    • SillyKiwiMan says:


      Feel free to bugger off then.

  4. bloodmountain says:

    Swedish pirate. Haha yeah you could say thar vikings where Swedish pirates

  5. Carbonara says:

    On the topic of Scandinavian pirates, I’ve just come across this link. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-35101652 Apparently there are only 2 pirates left in Norway, which explains why the polar ice cap is melting. We must try to reverse this trend.

    • Rasputin says:

      Wonderful story!

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