Dropped Spaghetti Shows Influence of the Almighty FSM

Published March 12th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


We spotted this on Reddit, and the photographer, MSB, was nice enough to share with us: 

In a drunken stupor, I accidentally dropped an open box of spaghetti and it landed in this form on my stove. 



Random accident or evidence of the FSM’s influence over all things?  

39 Responses to “Dropped Spaghetti Shows Influence of the Almighty FSM”

  1. Bill T. says:

    1. I think I understand lots of stuff
    2. I don’t understand how this could happen
    QED: The FSM exists

    Or maybe it was the aliens that have been transmitting orders to me to eat more ice cream.

  2. stef says:

    i think its a sign, and i should know, i`ve seen signs before. usually with drugs

  3. Rie says:

    It’s much easier to unaesrtdnd when you put it that way!

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