Ordained FSM Ministers are everywhere and our numbers are growing every day.

Published October 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I’m happy to report there are now Ordained FSM ministers in 26 countries,  and most of the US states .  Quite a few of our ministers have successfully jumped the bureaucratic hurdles to receive wedding officiant licenses in their various jurisdictions.  I’ll try and make a map showing all of our locations.

I know of perhaps 8 weddings coming up that will be presided over by a Pastafarian minister in full pirate regalia.  I could not be more pleased.  

Aside from a few document requests and "is this a joke?" phone calls I received from clerk’s offices, there has been little resistance to handing licenses to perform weddings to Pastafarians.  I interpret this as approval – maybe even endorsement – from our government. FSM bless America.

Where will we go from here, and what other privileges do ordained ministers enjoy that we can get in on?  Someone told me there are special license plates available for members of the cloth.  That’s something to look into.

If you want to be ordained, here’s the link.  Price is still dirt cheap, just $20/$30 including shipping.  I think the world is better off with a huge number of FSM Ministers around.


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  1. Dan Edwards says:

    I was ordained this past summer and now my brother wants me to perform his wedding ceremony, I am trying to find out how I legally do that in Ontario Canada. Any advice?

    • Keith says:

      I would suggest you contact the marriage registrar’s office and ask them.

    • Rev. Stevie says:

      Practically impossible in Ontario, right away in about 20 states, simple in 15 others and about 7 more can be done. So, go to the US for it. A marriage license anywhere in the world is valid and legal in Canada. A US marriage license holds same weight in Canada as Canadian one. North East corner of Indiana is only about 2.5 hours from Windsor and, possibly Ohio which is even closer. About 8 hours from Buffalo, most of the eastern states too. Do your homework and get things done with them well ahead of time is all.

      • Rev. Stevie says:

        Almost forgot, what can be done in Ontario and the rest of Canada where the politicians decide what religions are going to be “valid”, is you all do a civil marriage through clerk, justice, etc. which solemnizes the marriage then perform the celebration using an ordained FSM minister. The marriage is legal and valid.

  2. Glady says:

    Let me at once knowledge ones rss as I will not to get ones contact registration web page link as well as publication service. Have almost any? Make sure you let everyone comprehend so that I might sign up. Thanks Glady.

  3. Father Wafflez says:

    In CA there is no way to not get one, with a registry number and an ordination, you are entitled by the law to be considered a legit holy figure.

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