Paper ordination certificates are almost ready

Published August 19th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Here is one of the first paper certificates with the new embossed gold foil seals.  I think they look pretty good.   Any suggestions? 

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  1. Cap'n Scooter says:

    Let the paper certificates show the same date as the original…

  2. Nemigo says:

    you need:

    In Good NO trust

    • Roderick, Pursar says:

      Well, the whole point modern (1800s-present) philosophers are trying to get across is the humanist notion of “Good without God”-using “logic” to explain ethical foundations. While they may all be sacrilicious, they tend to share some of our followers so maybe we should skip that one. They all still have morals, and many more firm than our noodley standards.

  3. StarlightNinja says:

    Sooo…….Does this mean that with this certificate we could, say, be minister at a wedding and legally marry a couple? Because that, would be amazing and completely awesome!

    • Bobby Henderson says:

      There have been weddings by FSM ministers, yes.

      • Will says:

        How does one become an ordained minister in the church of the FSM?

  4. Roger That says:

    How about a watermark of the fsm in the background? Looks slightly plain without some texture.

    • Scal says:

      I’d like to second this. Actually, I’d go for a very faded-out copy of the “Creation of Adam” correction that is used as the site banner. :D

      • Stu says:

        Oh, yes please – love that image!

        Now… shipping to China could be interesting.

      • Bobby Henderson says:

        I’ll try it

  5. bruceo says:

    Bobby, will this version be personally signed by you (I hope I hope I hope…)?

    • Bobby Henderson says:


      • bruceo says:


  6. tony allen says:

    I want to get one as soon as they are available. I have an ordination from the Universal Life Church Inc. that has the official California state seal. My cert. number is 56449. Will the FSM certs be numbered?

    • Bobby Henderson says:

      They’re numbered, yes.

  7. Righteous says:

    How does one go about being ordained?

  8. Rev. Dr. Jo Freddie says:

    Will these be A4 dimensions, the ones I have from The The Universal Life Church Monastery needed a slight trim to fit in an A4 frame (297 x 210 mm)

    • Bobby Henderson says:

      They’re US Letter sized, 8.5×11 inches.

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