Certificate of Ordination update

Published August 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

If you ordered a certificate in the last week it’s in one of these mailers that were sent out yesterday:


The response was more than I anticipated and the majority of newly minted Pastafarian ministers live outside of the US which I did not expect. 

There are at least 5 weddings planned in which a Pastafarian minister will officiate.  I’ve gotten quite a few emails saying you are not allowed to do this.  But like I’ve said, we maintain that our religion is as legitimate as any other.   By all measures, our religion is more intellectually honest than any faith-based religion.   If, when an ordained Pastafarian minister applies for a license to perform wedding in his or her region, the bureaucrat who processes those applications can reject it, if they wish.  To date I’m not aware of that happening, but I realize there is some hoop-jumping required in certain areas.   I am happy to write Letters of Good Standing or any other official documents that they may require.


To answer a question: I will make these as long as people want them and I am in the country.  I move around a lot so if you would like one I’d recommend ordering it now.  

Ordination Certificate order page

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  1. June says:

    There’s been discussion about me performing a wedding as a Pastafarian minister, but I have no idea how to go from getting ordained to actually being able to perform a wedding.
    If someone would be willing to help me out and explain, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    (I live in Indiana, by the way)

    • Mal says:

      A good place to start would be your county clerk’s office. If they can’t get you the proper paperwork, they should at least know where to send you.

  2. Hal says:

    There should also be a wallet sized version in a plastic coating. I ordered my certificate today! Awesome, can’t wait to hang it in my cubical!


  3. Hal says:

    BTW, I have had a silver FSM ring on my finger for almost a year. It should also be an official ring issued of similar make that was blessed by you Bobby.

  4. Reb_Varah says:

    Ramem! why don’t you ship to Italy? :-(

    • gio says:

      veramente spedisce anche in italia, noi abbiamo appena nominato il nostro ministro…

      • Reb_Varah says:

        luckily, I had not seen the Italian flag in the pages to order :-)

  5. Ordained Captain of the Noodle says:

    Has anyone done a Pastafarian wedding in Ontario, Canada?

  6. Brendan says:

    Hey hey – ordered one 4 weeks ago, still waiting. Wife’s birthday in 10 days – hope it arrives in time!

  7. Paul Plottner says:

    Is there a sanctified/suggested liturgy for performing ceremonies in his noodly pressence?

    • Rev.Stu says:

      Plagiarism is a good thing, did you ever get a response? I write ceremonies and conduct weddings based on my interview with the couple. Honestly, the ceremony can be under five minutes, Do you… Do you.. ok we have witnesses sign here, thank-you. A ceremony should provide what is paid for, if you are earning $200 of more for your performance – best make the payer happy, five minutes won’t do. the ceremony is like a skirt, long enough to cover what needs to be covered, but short enough to maintain interest.

  8. Michael says:

    Has the noodly one given specifics on how the wedding ceremony should be preformed as well as accepted vows? I also like the idea of a database to see where our ministers are located. Are they any in the state of Ohio, if not I may just become the first.

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