Certificate of Ordination update

Published August 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

If you ordered a certificate in the last week it’s in one of these mailers that were sent out yesterday:


The response was more than I anticipated and the majority of newly minted Pastafarian ministers live outside of the US which I did not expect. 

There are at least 5 weddings planned in which a Pastafarian minister will officiate.  I’ve gotten quite a few emails saying you are not allowed to do this.  But like I’ve said, we maintain that our religion is as legitimate as any other.   By all measures, our religion is more intellectually honest than any faith-based religion.   If, when an ordained Pastafarian minister applies for a license to perform wedding in his or her region, the bureaucrat who processes those applications can reject it, if they wish.  To date I’m not aware of that happening, but I realize there is some hoop-jumping required in certain areas.   I am happy to write Letters of Good Standing or any other official documents that they may require.


To answer a question: I will make these as long as people want them and I am in the country.  I move around a lot so if you would like one I’d recommend ordering it now.  

Ordination Certificate order page

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  1. Punksoulbro says:

    I got mine in the mail quickly. Very nicely done and well made. A+++++++++++ would do business again.

  2. Rev. Felix the Black Cat says:

    Of course, anyone worried about legality could always have themselves legally ordained (for the asking, for free) via the Universal Life Church http://www.ulc.org/ The Church of the Subgenius actually suggests this to their new ministers, since they’re not set up as a nonprofit organization, which, apparently, means they cannot issue legally recognized ordinations. I’ve been ordained in the ULC for ~15 years myself, and in the Church of the SubGenius for nearly 3 years. I may have to consider FSM ordination, too…

    • Rev.Stu says:

      I live in Oregon, here we set up our church, The Ecumenical Church of the Divine, in Oregon there has been a dog ordained as a minister. As long as a couple have their paperwork together -signed and notarized – the ceremony is superfluous. Portland is a stripper factory, and I have been touched by His noodly appendage. (I am a Universal Light minister, my partner is as well and he is a minister in The Church of the SubGenius, and we served time in the OTO, he was a Mormon I was a Roman Catholic…and- and- and. Honestly, if you accept the Divine and apply discipline to your methods – you can achieve spiritual growth no matter what face you put on it.

  3. Rev. Fro says:

    Superb work! Wonderful certificate that only took a couple of weeks to reach the UK.
    I look forward immensely to using my newly ordained status to go forth and spread His noodly word. Also, it gives me greater leverage when arguing with Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    Oh, super book too!

  4. Rev. Atiron says:

    I just received mine in the mail and it made me unreasonably giddy!

    I will be officiating a wedding later this month in Washington state and was so pleased that I could get an ordination from this august organization. Beautiful certificate and really fast delivery. Thanks!

  5. Nate Whisenant says:

    I would like to be an ordained Pastafarian Minister! I am a former children’s minister from the assemblies of god and have decided to convert! How do I go about becoming ordained???

    • Keith says:

      You have already made the first step by seeing reason.

  6. Jake Z says:

    what age must a person be to recieve one of these? what age to legally marry someone?

  7. Noodly0ne says:


  8. Aaron says:

    If I get ordained, does it mean that I can also collect donations and not pay taxes?

    • Rev.Stu says:

      28 months in- how did asking and receiving go for you? Odds are if you went out and stumped for the church, you would have been better off recycling bottles and cans.

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