Certificate of Ordination update

Published August 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

If you ordered a certificate in the last week it’s in one of these mailers that were sent out yesterday:


The response was more than I anticipated and the majority of newly minted Pastafarian ministers live outside of the US which I did not expect. 

There are at least 5 weddings planned in which a Pastafarian minister will officiate.  I’ve gotten quite a few emails saying you are not allowed to do this.  But like I’ve said, we maintain that our religion is as legitimate as any other.   By all measures, our religion is more intellectually honest than any faith-based religion.   If, when an ordained Pastafarian minister applies for a license to perform wedding in his or her region, the bureaucrat who processes those applications can reject it, if they wish.  To date I’m not aware of that happening, but I realize there is some hoop-jumping required in certain areas.   I am happy to write Letters of Good Standing or any other official documents that they may require.


To answer a question: I will make these as long as people want them and I am in the country.  I move around a lot so if you would like one I’d recommend ordering it now.  

Ordination Certificate order page

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  1. stylusmobilus says:

    Aah now I am kicking myself for getting the shirt instead of this. Is there any other option of payment besides Pay Pal Bobby? I can’t remember my password for it.

    Wish I was fast enough to have mine in that box. Funny how some don’t think we are allowed to do it. It would be nice for once if other religions saw us as a peaceful, benevolent ally rather than feel threatened by us. I have to admit I feel quite offended that in their mind they are allowed and we aren’t.

    • skipper says:

      ahoi stylusmobilus,

      i had the same problem, but as long as u have not changed u´r e-mail adress it is a matter of minutes to get a new password and get the order going.

      i got one for myself yesterday (shipped to germany) and i am back now to get one for a friend in australia. don`t forget to get stuff from the shop as well, i ordert all kinde of pins……….they are so cool. ;-)

      • stylusmobilus says:

        I have changed my email address. It was one that was with a service provider so I no longer have access to it. I don’t know what I am going to do about it actually. It annoys me because there is enough sitting in there to buy a certificate.

  2. Trevor S says:

    I’ve already got my plaque… Maybe I should get one of these as well to put in my CV :). The raised Gold sticker is so official.

  3. Jolly Roger Jeff says:

    It would be nice if a database could be set up showing where church members are located. It would also help in organising official recognition. Australia being a case in point; twelve congregations scattered around the country are needed before official recognition is even considered.

  4. Gilad Teller says:

    Is there a way to track the delivery of the certificate? Can we get at least a message that the certificate is on it’s way?
    Any package sent in, to, and from Israel can be tracked from the Postal company website.

  5. bruceo says:

    I’m guessing that mine is the 37th from the left.

    • Ricky says:

      Did the FSM tell you that?

  6. Oscar (Spain) says:

    One of those is mine! XD
    Now, I really feel touched by his noodly appendage!! O Brethren, FSM bless you!

  7. vinz says:

    where should we enter the recipients address?

  8. bruceo says:

    Got mine on Sept. 1st. It’s fab!

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