This is a real religion?

Published March 13th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

The government actually passed this BS as religion? You just did this so you can get tax cuts, your religion is based on christian hate because thats all i see you mocking on here, You might as well side with the church of satan who mocks their own belief, Just because youre too blind to be enlightened you have decided to scam all the atheists out there, in a way i have to side with you, because all of your followers are just as stupid as you are, nobody ever looks into history, philosophy or multiple religions before basing their faith, they always just side with hate and disbelief, when love is just the true meaning behind every religion, and science is formulated from the start of religion, it seems that your church and your followers will all go down the same stupid path, even if you are a teacher or a doctor you probably are a bad one at that, well except the church leader who is rolling in money from his t-shirts and probably initiation fees and getting tax cuts, what a smart way to scam atheist church goers, you might as well start the next jonestown massacre.


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  1. Daniel Williams says:

    Heee heee, I hope all these people attacking the FSM Pastafarian belief for how ridiculous it is …now realize how ridiculous their water trod-ding son of himself from a Virgin with intact hymen is….c’mon how does it feel to see people around you have lost their minds.. This religion is to show you how F’d-up yours is! At least you CAN get pasta at the local Giovanni’s, but you CANNOT find virgin nuns in the Vatican…hee heee!!


    Long live FSM and praised be his name and kingdom here on earth and in the “hereafter” hooo hoo!!!

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