Are you a retard?

Published February 3rd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I saw your retarded website and asked myself "why?" but then, there are a lot of crackheads in the world, and you seem to be one of the more insane ones. That is a joke website, right? Can you honestly tell yourself that you truly believe in this load of shit? Pasta is an inanimate food object. It cannot fly. It does not have eyes. It never was and never will be alive and breathing. For your own health, I ask you to stop whatever the hell you’re smoking.


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  1. the meatballer says:

    I’m not smoking, I’m vaping the holy steam spilling off the most glorious FSM

  2. Anonymous (I guess) says:

    Hello. I see that you are saying that spaghetti is not an flying object and dosen’t have eyes. Okay well what about about Jesus and all that (Im kind of an atheist. Im actually sitting right now and having religion. While i can’t remember what The new testament and the old one together is called in english.) They say that there’s a god (seems like a human.) That is in the sky and look down upon us from the clouds. Well that sounds ridiculous.

    Have a nice day!

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