Halloween Evangelism

Published October 29th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Halloween is a prime Pastafarian evangelism opportunity, the one night of the year that pirates and wenches can walk around in traditional regalia free from persecution.

Here’s a collection of Halloween Missionaries, and below that a collection of Propaganda Pumpkins. These are from the last few years.  Please send me your photos from this year’s festivities and I’ll add them here.


Halloween Missionaries




I still remember this guy's nickname, Slabcock.


Propaganda Pumpkins





(I made this one).

Send me your Halloween photos, I’ll put them up here.   * I see several photos in my email, thanks!  Keep sending, I’ll post them soon *

38 Responses to “Halloween Evangelism”

  1. Robert Paulson says:

    I believe, I believe! Such power does the great Flying Spaghetti Monster possess as to convert this atheist into a believer. Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  2. nun sequitur says:

    ideas from where, the comments section or the site itself…

    how is it a person can feel they notice something, i wonder & y do i feel this is phishing for people 2 visit ur site?

    i feel… tired…& in a great deal of pain physically

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