Japanese creature sighting

Published September 7th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

noodly appendages

Chris spotted photos of this creature on Japanator.  A fisherman found it 200M down off the coast of Japan.  I do see the resemblance to the FSM but I am wondering what He was doing down there.

32 Responses to “Japanese creature sighting”

  1. Senso says:

    I am shattered by the revolting comments here, you unbelievers!
    Isn’t it clear to everybody that this is the Seed of His Noodleness? He sent us his Son to take away our sins and instead of pirates bringing this savior myrrh and gold, they allow It to be devoured in a Japanese sushi bar.

  2. pirate/not pirate says:

    i dont think its the fsm maybe the tip of one of his noodly apendeges

  3. Cap'n Tortellini says:

    The FSM has sent his prophets to teach the noodly truth to the ocean dwellers.

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