The Devil?

Published July 24th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I found this on a friends facebook page. It looks like the devil version of The FSM



Hmm.. I see a crab and a stripper (which makes a lot of sense to me).

14 Responses to “The Devil?”

  1. do follow me lyrics says:

    There are a lot of strange comments on here.

  2. online numerology says:

    I image this may well be numerous upon the written content? nonetheless I nonetheless believe that it is usually suitable for just about any form of topic subject material, as a result of it could often be pleasurable to decide a heat and delightful face or possibly listen a voice while preliminary landing.

  3. Seanzus says:

    I once had a dream where I met something in a dark hood. It took off the hood to reveal a meatball with a Potato Head-like face, and it had vibrating orange extension cords as it went toward me… was this related to my spiritual Pastafarian journey.

    • Keith says:

      Only if you felt at peace and full of happiness during and after the dream. If you felt upset or threatened, it would have been a false god trying to convince you the FSM was evil. The FSM doesn’t indulge in the “scare people to death and then claim it was a revelation” tactic.

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