FSM tessellation

Published July 11th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Who else counted Them?  Click for full sized image.
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As a long standing Pastafarian in good stead, I thought your readers might enjoy the attached tessellation, one of my more accessible graphics.

The FSM tessellation is a representation of early pantheistic Pastafarian myth. In this cosmology all of space is covered by an infinite set of interlocked Flying Spaghetti Monsters. While the covering pattern is periodic, the eightfold way flavors of FSM are not; every patch of space has a unique flavor combination.

Also see a later incarnation of the tessellation, "Pa, sun god".

Mark Dow –  markdow.deviantart.com

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  1. zeliasgrand says:

    I think this design would make a KICK ASS mug or Tshirt! Perhaps the FSM will inspire the Keeper of the Site to negotiate an addition to the inventory of the Store!

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