Published June 25th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Just wanted to let you know that we’re doing our part to spread the word…We were on our way to a local Pirate Festival in No. California…it’s not a pirate ship, but it gets us around–oh, and people get out of their cars at stop lights and ask us what the little silver crab guy is all about….

Spreading the Word and the Sauce,


Brother and Sister Orzo
aka jim and martha

15 Responses to “FSM4EVR”

  1. will says:

    Great picture and our favorite pirate couple!

  2. RedDutchPastaWench says:

    Looks like my first mail was eaten by the net. So I’ll say it again:

    I wish I could get a plate like that here! Plus : that is one good-looking pirate :)

  3. Lucien Relation says:

    I love the pirate outfit and the way it fits with the BMW car :) The thing to say is: Nice ship, captain!

  4. Sedative says:


  5. David J says:

    You should have bought a Mercedes.

  6. Carmon Barcelo says:

    Very informative!

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