Pastafarian illustration

Published October 17th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

This illustration was made by Doug Forbes. I think it’s amazing.

I created this in old tattoo style and posted it on deviant. Idea of FSM helping its Pirate Pastafarians with it’s noodley appendages through rough weather.

Here is Doug’s DeviantArt page.

23 Responses to “Pastafarian illustration”

  1. True Beleiver says:

    Thou shallt not doubt the great Spaghetti Monster! For he is the lord of all, thou shallt not fear the Spaghetti Monster! For he is the fortbringer of truth and light! Thou shallt not dissrespect the great SPaghetti Monster! For he shall fucketh you and your crew upp if you do!
    Hail him, for he is the chosen leader, Hail him for he is the sun wich shines upon us, hail him and he shallt make your favourite fotball team win the next years worlc champions ship! (unless it’s shitty france, spaghetti monster WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES make france win).


  2. Axel says:

    Oh, oh, that´s it.
    We love the FSM here in germany

  3. cjames says:

    I think I might have to get this on my arm/shoulder.


  4. Joe Blow says:

    @ True (or false) Beleiver.

    “For he shall fucketh you and your crew upp if you do!”

    I think you know that this is not in conformance with the teachings of the FSM. You spelt “believer” incorectly on purpose because you DO know that the FSM does NOT need to be “hailed” or worshiped and does NOT punish people, even if they fail to follow his “suggestions”.

    Don’t YOU?!

    Would Bobby or a Senior Captain help me out here….?

  5. Captain Philaaarrrrhhh! says:

    @ True Believer:

    Easy mate, I’m a french follower of His Noodlyness.

    If you were mocking my nationality, shame on you!

    If you were pocking fun at the French football team, I couldn’t agree more with you :)

    May His Noodly Appendage keep our feet to the ground!

  6. Meatballs says:

    It truly does bring a tear to my eye…

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