Canadian Pastafarian angers Catholic church

Published October 22nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Catholic Jesus-Wafer held perilously above a blender.

One of our fellow Pastafarians has angered the Catholic Church with a series of videos in which he ridicules their rituals and beliefs; specifically, that their host wafers become the literal body of Jesus when they are ingested.

A devilishly mischievous Canadian boy who mocks a central Christian ritual on YouTube has caused an international stir and earned the wrath of the Catholic Civil Rights League, which has called for his offensive, and popular, videos to be removed from the Internet.

The teenager from Quebec named Dominique, who tags himself “fsmdude,” has posted 40 videos in which the Catholic Civil Rights group maintains he desecrates the host, the small circular wafer that Catholics ingest during Eucharist service.

The Catholic Civil Rights League claims the videos are “hate speech.” At the other end of the spectrum, some YouTube commentators call them funny and right on. I would speculate most non-Christians would find Dominique’s online antics juvenile.

Should his sacrilegious videos be banned?

Dominique, who appears to be about 17 and speaks as if English is his second language, thinks it’s ridiculous to believe in transubstantiation, the Catholic teaching that the wafer becomes the literal body of Jesus Christ during eucharist.

There’s a great article about this at the Vancouver Sun, complete with videos.

FSMDude’s youtube channel is here – you’ll find no end of eucharist desecration.

I’m interested, what do you all think about this?

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  2. Rev Ian B. MacLean says:

    Would we not be ‘insulted’ if someone were to argue the same of our beliefs? Of course we would. I am ashamed that a Pastafarian would point out the absurdity of someone’s religious beliefs in such an overt way. Mind you, if he were speaking as an atheist, that would be different. But a Pastafarian should know not to cast the first meatball.

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