This religion is so incredibly stupid

Published August 7th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

This religion is so incredibly stupid that I can’t tell if you’re all serious or joking around. Or joking around about being serious.


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  1. ddd says:

    I can’t believe anyone could be so stupid as to entirely miss the message behind FSM. It is a mock religion that you can join to mock all the other ones. It showcases all the glaring holes and contradictions in doctrine that go along with faith in a god.
    This was started because ID proponents want their theory to be taught as a science. Why not leave this crap in the territory of religious faith where it belongs??

    You cant prove there is or isnt a flying spaghetti monster any more than the other dozens of gods from human civilizations.
    Evolution is taught as a theory even now. And that is with mountains of evidence to support it. The scientific method has no need to push itself apon the masses, it’s a self advancing process of collecting information. Its proven itself in thousands of ways.
    ID just focuses on the gaps in present knowledge and puts forward an UNTESTABLE and UNPROVABLE, default answer.
    Surely this creator is far more detailed than we are, so who made him?
    Its an oldie but thats where ID leads – and such questions have NOTHING TO DO WITH SCIENCE!!
    Why not teach the THEORY of ID in religious education? Because it sure doesn’t cut it in the classrooms of science. It can never be proven, so it will always remain in the realm of religious faith.
    If it is put into science classrooms, than FSM should be there along side it – after all ‘how dare we insult His Noodly Goodness!!”
    Evolution is so close to a fact these days its not funny, the gaps in present knowledge will be filled one day i think, but we’ll have to wait and see.
    Why dismiss out of hand the fact that we humans have 99% the same genetic material as a chimp, and then say they are so obviously different to us we couldn’t possibly be related?
    Lets face it, God as a scientific theory falls splat on its face.
    The only thing driving ID is the fear of finding out we didn’t need the designer in the first place.

  2. Charlene says:


    I can’t believe anyone would doubt his noodly goodness… what idiots. RAmen.

  3. mike says:

    COFSM isn’t an argument against Intelligent Design. In fact, I’d like to thank ID for creating the path that allows ALL other beliefs to demand equal acknowledgment.

  4. ddd says:


  5. The lulz and the lulzy says:

    No, no, I must explain. We are joking about joking about being serious about joking.

    About pasta.

  6. Pasta Beard says:

    I just had a clear moment of zen scrolling through all the ignorance. Humanity as a whole is doomed. Based on the complete lack of intelligence in many of the christians it apears to be the mode. And as much of the world is christian they will be going to stale beer. Heaven will be a nice roomy area with like minded individuals =D

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  8. Joukahainen says:

    How does this guy survive Internet anyway?

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