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Published January 19th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

owl1.jpgHilary Matheson of The Journal-Standard has written an article about Online Worship. He covers The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and The Church of Google.

I’m quoted a few times:

Pastafarianism is a sensible alternative religion for some people. We offer spirituality and community, without the traps of dogma; no one has ever killed in the name of Pastafarianism, for instance.

And this one:

Some people feel mocked, but that was never my intent. I’m all for freedom of religion. I have not problems with Christians or creationism ideology, to the extent that they keep their beliefs out of public policy. There is no state-sponsored religion-some people don’t want to accept it.

And the best one:

Religion doesn’t have to make sense. You have to have faith. There’s all sorts of things that don’t make any sense in FSM. It’s fine. I contradict myself all the time. You can get away with anything in the religion business.

Here’s the article, you may find it interesting.

(By the way, my Physics degree is Bachelor of Science, not Arts – not that it matters).

24 Responses to “Online Worship”

  1. fairdinkum says:

    I can not believe the people send hatemail to this site. Is that not religious persecution lol. I love hiporacy.

    also to All Free Do

    That is the most sanctified act you can perform.

  2. Logical thinkAAR(GH!) says:

    To fairdinkum

    I agree. They (Christians for the most part) love to say they are persecuted when someone creates a website they can choose to not visit and even to ignore. But if we complain of the persecution we receive when also wishing to be taught in public science classrooms, then we are seen as a parody. How do we know that the bible wasn’t written as a book of parody of the Egyptians’s and Greek’s religion years ago…I think that be funny. Too bad for them – no stripper factory or beer volcano when they die.

  3. irate Pirate says:


  4. Shrödinger's Wife says:

    A foothold, RAmen! You have represented us as a group excellently! May your balls stay meaty and your spaghetti never dry.

  5. Great Guru says:

    I beg to differ, it does matter that you have a Bachelor of Science not art degree in physics. I think a B.A. in physics would amount to Feng shui and Crystals.

  6. Cap'n Wolf says:

    I agree. Feng shui be important to me.

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