startling evidence – piracy vs global warming

Published November 4th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Discovered by Pastafarian Koji:

I’m amazed, I was thinking that your churches theories on global warming were just a bit off. I was using Google Trends and I came up with a startling chart.

As you will notice, when I compared ‘free movies’ and ‘global warming’ whenever people search for free movies, less people search for global warming. Why you ask… Because no new developments come up while piracy occurs.


When Koji sent me this, even I was skeptical. But it’s legit: try it yourself.

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  1. Raul K. says:

    I know why that is. All those peaks are around Christmas. People are stealing movies more and also don’t want to think about global warming and “My cutting down a christmas tree is going to kill all the polar bears” nonsense around the holidays.

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