Holy Protection

Published June 19th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

 ”His noodley appendage must have been ’round about me, or my auto accident might have been deadly:”



“Notice his holy symbol, unscathed by the 2:00 a.m. rear impact.  Fellow Pastafarians, may you also benefit from his holy protection.”



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  1. Prof. B♥♥ty says:

    Punishment, Malc? I didn’t think the FSM was into S&M!
    I thought that was the Xian/Judao dude’s bag?
    Oh well, whatever floats his boat!

  2. ۞ says:

    Holy Protection?
    The Catholic Church launched its own brand of Condoms under that name.
    For some reason they weren’t great sellers…

  3. Laurent says:

    OK, I may be completely crazy, but as Pastafarians who worship pirates in order to fight global warming, isn’t it a little incoherent to own a SUV? It’s great that the FSM would protect it, but by protecting it the FSM is increasing global warming…

    As a pirate, I, for one, ride my bike everywhere. May the FSM protect me and all cyclists!

  4. Gaara the Pirate says:

    laurent i agree. that is why i am happy to take my mom’s old car because
    a. it will last me years before it dies and
    b. it gets 45 miles to the gallon, saving me money, preventing global warm,ing as fast, and making the fsm abit happy.

    christains selling condoms???? i thought it was one of the seven deadly sins, or whatever the hell they are called, to have sex??

  5. Aristotle, God of Satire says:

    Hybrid is the way to go. :))

  6. Gaara the Pirate says:

    yeh, i wish it was electric hyprided with solar but i couldn’t find one for sale and it would have been too expensive.

    ~buy used instead of new, you often save money and you don’t cause as much global warming.
    ~don’t buy SUV’s, campers, or big truck unless you need them and use them often. i see parents with only one child buy these massive family SUV’s when the kid could be just as happy in a normal car.

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