God knows who I am sitting here

Published September 2nd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I pray for miracles Bobby. I have prayed for the statues of Mary to weep and the Drew St. Miracle which was vandalized. I was born speaking and telling people about God and later persecuted and tortured for my faith by some real terrible people who did not let me have my free will. Faith to me is not a story, it is my life. If it were not for God, I would not want to live. I was seen talking to five UFOs in the 70′s that I prayed to come take me off this planet because it is too evil and I cannot stand it.

23 Responses to “God knows who I am sitting here”

  1. Dadalelo says:

    so your god basically created the UFOs to take you away from his creation after all the work he putted on it? *thumbs up*

    just remember that if ever the UFOs come take a pastafarian from the FSM`s creation he will extend his noodly appentices and give him a clean satchel, a towel, and a copy of the hitchHiker`s guide to the galaxy.

  2. BernardLBlack says:

    “I was seen talking to five UFOs in the 70’s that I prayed to come take me off this planet because it is too evil and I cannot stand it.”
    Excellent! Then… why are you still here…? On this planet where we’re all extremely happy in our evil little ways?

  3. jesus christ says:

    is this person for real
    UFO’s? another pile of bullshit to come from a dumbass
    Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah, this person is such a dumbfuck

  4. Mad John Kidd says:

    cue “X-Files” intro music

  5. Averross says:

    Praying to UFO’s? So… he’s a scientologist?

  6. Dr Dagger says:

    FSM knows why you are sitting here

  7. Garrick McElroy says:

    Mentally insane or not, I’m still going to explain some things to you. Where, exactly, did we take away your free will? And I’m sorry you were tortured. I doubt anything you said was true, but if it was, I’m sorry. If your god did create us, and gave us free will, why can’t we exercise it? What’s the point? If I were to be shown absolute and undeniable proof of your god, I wouldn’t want to go to Heaven anyway. You know why? Because he’s a sick-o who is narcissistic and wants us to believe in him or burn. How is that right?

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