are you doing this to

Published December 5th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

are you doing this to get attention no one in there right mind will ever go to the fucking church of the flying spaghetti monster you dumb fucker i hope you die you piece of shit and burn in hell with your fucking god and how did you come up with this bullshit did you get raped in the ass to many times.

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  1. Homo narrans says:

    sorry, G, but it still sucks.
    no fault of yours.

  2. One Oared Marc says:

    Well, this guy is right. Nobody is going to go the fucking church of the FSM because there doesn’t seem to be a church to go to. Is there a tent we could rent?

  3. Davey Jones' Hacker says:

    “How did you come up with this bullshit, did you get raped in the ass too many times?”
    I’m somewhat baffled as to exactly how the original poster seems to equate being “raped in the ass too may times” with being a “dumb fucker” who comes up with “bullshit”. It appears that there’s an acceptable number times that one can be raped in the ass, but only when this number is exceeded does one become truly stupid.
    Wow. This guys chocolate starfish must be stretched out to the size of Belgium.

  4. Atticus Finch says:

    *tsk* the poor grammer these days….

  5. Etay says:

    Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge sentence! D-, Revision needed!

  6. James D King of Pirates says:

    Anal rape is no joke, go to jail and find out, we do not have a church only a boat (currently underfunded) and a food.

    • CountPastula says:

      And plus, the person who was raped is scared for life.

  7. ME DUH says:

    Enough people are part of the church to leave comments here, but your post is so stupid most people have ignored it.

  8. Julianne Massenburg says:

    Tell me about yourself answer.

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