Only in a land of

Published August 20th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Only in a land of fairy tales and disney lands can people believe that “things” just poof “appear”.

Evolution uses monkeys, time and chance to explain how everything came to be. The fool says in his heart there is no God, so I will prove to you that you are that fool. Take the evolution theory (which is your only choice), rewind it in your mind until you get to the Big Bang…now pause. How did those original molecules come into being?

Poof, fairy tales…they just appeared out of nothing, nowhere.

Ok so who is the dummy here, me or you? I got reality on my side and you dont and here is the obvious point you missed though you stare at it everyday…: Complex objects dont appear from nothing, be it a car, airplane, computer chip they all have a designer and strenous efforts to make them, any slip in the manufacturing process screws it all up.

I have reality on my side…I believe in a Designer: God., the God of the Bible that explained creation to your ancestors and could to you but you are stubborn as heck, Id say even more then a mule.

There are NO transistionary fossils in the record (ie. half bird, half fish) The second law of thermo-dynamics conclude that everything is falling apart, not evolving into mor complex entities.

How come we still have Apes if they evolved into humans? Apes are there to show how foolish you evolutionists are.

YOu could hide behind your “I dont believe that, I simply believe in the meatball theory” Then my theory on you being a fool would be obviously clear and intact.

And if you still think you are so smart and wise,to be above a Biblical God theory, allowt me ask your wife how you really are and it should silence you.

David Dorozan

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  1. Arve says:

    Well, in stages, I guess. First there was light, then darkness, and all that. Just like there’d be at a bloody huge explosion.
    When did the catholics declare Big Bang(tm) to be in accordance with the bible, anyway? The 50s?

  2. BRavo says:

    WoW… this letter is really… WoW…
    Makes one wonder if it is just around a mild mental retardation (iq

  3. Garrick McElroy says:

    Please, read the “start here” section. It’s the Open Letter to the Kansas State School Board, it will open your eyes to the point of this website.

    Here’s to Hoping His Noodly Appendage touches you

  4. Drew says:

    I am not going to read through all this to see if its been said before, but Stephen Hawking has this to say on god, the universe, and creation:
    (I am summarizing, google the article yourself, or read A brief history of time)
    what happened in the moments before the big bang? does it matter? if there was a god that set the laws of physics directing the events of the big bang in motion, and those laws hold as true today as they were in the nanoseconds following the big bang (meaning any omnipotent beings have not been tampering with the universe), then what purpose does it serve to argue who designed the laws of physics, as long as they stay the same, then it does not matter how they came about, or who brought them into being.

  5. v200 says:

    Sigh, time to say it, he said “why are apes still around if we evolved from them”, well, we didn’t, we came from a common ancestor and the line split between humans and apes.

  6. AstroFloyd says:

    * How did those original molecules come into being?
    And 13 billion years before the bible says they did? Bit of a bible oops here.

    * Complex objects dont appear from nothing [...] they all have a designer
    True, but only holds for man-made stuff as you list it. The concept of a complex god was invented by man.

    * There are NO transistionary fossils in the record (ie. half bird, half fish)
    Apart from amphibians, of course…

    * The second law of thermo-dynamics conclude that everything is falling apart, not evolving into mor complex entities.
    This is of course only true for isolated systems, like the universe, not for local regions, like the Earth.

    * How come we still have Apes if they evolved into humans?
    There were more than two apes. Similar answer as to Why do I still have a grandpa if my grandpa just died?

  7. TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    NO transitionary fossils?

    It could be contended that whales are LIVING fossils – half mammal and half fish. Their toes have formed into flippers, and they retain hip bones not required in their aquatic environment.

    Ever heard of lung fish?

    Ants descended from wasps, and flying ants are somewhere in the middle.

    Fossils of (non-flying) dinosaurs with feathers have been found.

    What about all the different homo-whatever skeletons that have been found? They show a clear path from smaller aboreal ape-like creatures to larger (especially in the cranium) beings who walked upright.

  8. Apprentice Frederic says:

    An interesting thought experiment is the following: imagine a man of ordinary intelligence, but connected to a dial controlling his intelligence. Consider his expression and attitude as you turn the knob down; when he is finally stupid enough to believe he’s a genius, you’ve got David Dorozan. He led off by denouncing “poof” theories and finished by pushing the “Biblical God” theory, recognizeable as a “poof” if there ever was one. At least the Big Bang contained all the mass-energy in the entire Universe. And, BTW, his misstatement of the Second Law of Thermodynamics might help us understand gnat-farts as a better-class genre of poofs.

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