Mr. Henderson, I hope you

Published August 25th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Mr. Henderson,

I hope you do not think that putting the comments of the “wise” on your web page will cause the true believers to doubt our Savior. You can quote the scientific community and list the names of those who claim to have a PhD, but those of us who know the truth are only saddened that you are doing Satan’s work. You see Mr. Henderson there are 2 schools of thought that us simple Christians believe: one is that “Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the light” and those who believe, confess their sins, and live a Godly life will live forever in His kingdom, the other is that there is an enemy and he is also powerful (but not a match for our God) and those who support him (by not accepting the salvation that Christ’s death offered) will burn in hell. As there are different rewards in Heaven, I cannot help but believe that there will be different degrees of torture in the place that I will never know. And, I do believe that those who led the lambs astray will be faced with a death even more cruel than being thrown into a lake of fire, if you could imagine. You have obviously spent some time in The Word of God, as is indicated by your blasphemy. As a child of God, which you are, I feel the need to call your attention to the unforgivable sin, “blasphemy of the holy spirit”. I and many others in my congregation have prayed for your salvation, because even though you mock the God we serve, we are told “to pray for those who curse us”. I feel you are wasting the leadership and creativity that our Creator has given you. I beg of you to spend some time in Matthew and turn back before it is too late. Matthew warns us that those who lead children into sin may as well have a yoke put around them and drown in the sea. They only add to the those who will suffer in hell alongside them. If you died tomorrow Mr. Henderson where would you go? Would you just break down into the earth and that would be the last of you? If that is what you believe you are lying to yourself. I believe in us all is the innate knowledge that there is a Creator and a divine plan for our lives. I can only hope that one day you will be on our team and that you will be able to witness to others how you were once lost and in a dark and lonely place where you felt the need to drag others into, until the light was shown to you.

In God’s Love, Melissa Rayburn

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  1. Navigator Spider says:

    i just checked the date on the hatemail, whoops we late getting the replies in….

  2. Raz says:

    @Navigator Spider
    Wow. You’re right lol, I’m surprised this one was spared the gauntled for so long.

  3. Raz says:


  4. Captain Philaaarrrrhhh! says:

    Is it just me, or can we feel a hint of jealousy and fear in this hate-mail?

    “I can only hope that one day you will be on our team”

    The fundies want to take our Bobby away and use his genius for their own purpose! We have to stop them!



  5. BRavo says:

    Oh my, this post has it all, like if I was listening to an elderly woman.
    Typical christian tactic.

    1: Unquestionable – they will _NEVER_ show or try to understand other points of view.
    2: Terrorism – always scaring and manipulating people with the threat of hell
    3: Bribery – If you will become part of their cause, you will be rewarded handsomely(after death of course, saves material values)

    But just ignore them, noone chooses with what kind of mental values (and health) will be born, can’t blame them if they need some imaginational comfort.
    But they surely do piss me off when they are forcing their crap upon good people.

    When i`m down I just go to my own imaginational “Happy place” with headphones on, don’t need to visit churches, take confessionals and pray for it for my own demented mind to settle… that’s just silly.

  6. Garrick McElroy says:

    Sigh, if only you Christians didn’t embrace your Dogmatic beliefs so… Dogmatically? Yeah, that’s the word. We Pastafarians are open to the idea that FSM doesn’t exist at all. Because we QUESTION the world around us, the entire REASON we have a conciousness. If FSM just wanted us to believe in him completely, he would’ve just made us robots. You need to question the world around you, but until then, I hope His Noodliness watches over you.


  7. Drew says:

    It was so much easier back in these days. Hate mail was so obviously not sarcastic spam written in effort to make it onto the hatemail page. Responses were simply responses, not attempts to incite a flame war. Why can’t we go back to this Bobby? why?

    I will pray that in matthew you will find the ability to return to simpler times such as these. I will pray for you.
    I will pray


  8. Rocketsauce says:

    You first called this an “unforgivable sin”, and then made a follow-up with saying “I beg of you to spend some time in Matthew and turn back before it is too late”. If what he’s done is unforgivable, then how could there possibly be any turning back?

    And, if I’m correct, God forgives all if you simply accept him at some point (I.e. on your death bed). This would, no doubt, mean that there is no such thing as a unforgivable sin, no?

    I don’t need a God to tell me not to steal, not to kill. I don’t need a the promise of Heaven to keep me from doing stupid stuff, and being a good person. If God is really a nice person, I see no reason why I should not be let into heaven, whilst a murder can, as long as he repents?

    I’ll end with one of my absolute favourite quotes…
    “An intelligent person does not need the promise of heaven to see the merit of good deeds.”
    Silly me can’t remember who said it,

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