ok, seriousley, your taking the

Published July 26th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

ok, seriousley, your taking the monster thing too far.

nobody cares about it stfu.

for sombody who makes “50k” a year, you sure seem desperate with merchandising your lame monster joke.

you know, science does explain alot of things for me but when it comes to the origin of life itself and the birth of the universe, science gets very shady. not that im saying “god” is the awnser but science sure as hell aint it.

anyaways, as an intelectual man such as yourself, you should have the simple common sence to respect other peoples beliefs. making a LAME joke about the the one awnser the one thing your whole pathetic life is base upon CANT awnser is a sign of how your brain is flawed. i would suggest growing up allitle and/or blowing your fucking face off with a shotgun.

fucking humans, your all pathetic. you dont know shit bitch.

Andiar Rohnds

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  1. Lol says:

    Lol. This one started out decent; as his fury built, his grammar and spelling degraded. At the end, all his morals abandoned him; he forgot he was a human.

  2. Garrick McElroy says:

    Science isn’t shady, it’s straight up. It tells you what the deal is. It explains it, and it makes sense. Not as much sense as a Flying Spaghetti Monster, but a modicum enough of sense that I can understand why some people think so.

    Here’s to Hoping His Noodly Appendage touches you

  3. Garrick McElroy says:


  4. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Of course “science gets very shady for you”. Hell, if grade school grammar is beyond your
    intellectual grasp, how do you expect to conceptualize cosmology? My bet is you couldn’t
    pass a high school chemistry class, so leave the deep thinking to someone else. Come to think
    of it, that’s probably your problem…

  5. Danny says:

    Is this… the first hatemail??? I feel like I’ve found the Holy Strainer! But… now what am I going to do during 3rd hour?

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