I ran across your letter

Published June 22nd, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Quite by chance, I ran across your letter to the Kansas School Board. I thought it was fantastic! With each passing day, one wonders if there is any logic left in this country, as the fundamentalists gain more and more power with government. Each and every Bible waver seems to believe they “know” what’s best for all of us. Of course, each has their own interpretation of what “God” says. And, we should “know” it is fact, since they use the very same source to substantiate their “facts.” Of course, any attempt to point out the many inconsistencies and flaws in their might book are countered by how we have “taken it out of context.” Yet, there is no explanation from them for the inconsistencies.

If they believe their theory with such resolve, one would think they would be willing to allow science to explore all avenues and perhaps prove their theory for them. I suppose they don’t want to waste time with that!

Your letter reminds me of a time, many years ago, when I was a student in a college anthropology class. We had a student, Jehovah’s Witness….who challenged everything taught. One day, sitting there holding a fossilized dinosaur bone, she argued that not such creature ever existed, but was merely a “trick” by the devil. Reason? Dinosaurs weren’t mentioned in the Bible. Yet, there she sat, dinosaur fossil in hand. The professor finally asked her why she was wasting her money and our time, occupying a seat in a university, since she had all the answers to the universe in her hand.

Again, thank you for a very refreshing point of view. It’s good to know there is still some who chose reason and logic over blind belief. Long Like The Spaghetti Monster!!!!!


6 Responses to “I ran across your letter”

  1. bbbrrr_the_Shivering_Pirate says:

    Hey…I would like to bring up something my Econ teacher says. He is a great source for insight, and I think he has a point. He said “Is it really a lie if people believe it? One or two people, maybe so, but with more, I think that the boundries are infringed upon.” I brought up the idea that there are so many dogmatic religions (unlike ours) that state they they are true. Does that mean the my econ teacher is right? I thank the FSM for making him my teacher, and allowing me to share his insight.


  2. Aristotle says:

    @bbbrrr_the_Shivering_Pirate – Do you mean to say the Christian Bible is true because millions of people believe in it? That’s ridiculous.
    I really like this quote of Anatole France: “If a million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.”

  3. Maxglobs says:

    I don’t see religion as a lie, but rather as an untruth. For example, the billions of people who practice Christianity are almost definitely wrong, but they don’t really intend to be.

  4. Aristotle says:

    @Maxglobs – Religion is created by lies. Religion is the lie.

  5. bbbrrr_the_Shivering_Pirate says:

    No, you misinterpret me. I mean only to say that people saying that we aren’t true is only saying that about every religion, thus weakening their cause…. And I agree with Aristotle-thats what I was trying to say…

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